Perfectly Balanced Natural Skincare

Inspired by the East and Developed in London

Dr Botanicals

Dr Botanicals is the ‘clean’ & ‘natural’ skincare brand created by Richard Walker. Richard comes from a British family of chemists, who have been making skincare products for over 60 years. With this experience, The Dr Botanicals team in London, create the finest skincare products available in the world today.

We are famous for selecting the best and finest ingredients, which go into each of the, carefully, products we make. As an award winning skincare brand, we passionately, believe in working tirelessly to create an effective, perfectly balanced formulation. This ideology was first instilled from Richards father, the chemist; well known as F.G.F Walker. He e created his first treatment back in 1958, at Univeisity in Edinburgh. That treatment was called Elder Flower Crem. He would go on to produce that treatment for over 40 years.

When Richard launched Dr Botanicals, the response from the public was amazing. Our products have been selling out from day one. We launched the first Dr Botanicals treatment in late 2012, we knew immediately our message respondated. Working with nature to create a balanced product was as instant hit - and a message that influences everthing we do today.

The appreciation from our customers is inspirational. And the stories and the messges that we get every day. They appreciated that we were designing skincare that was in harmony with the world in which we live. Not only were they getting a highly effective treatment. They were getting a product that is sensitive to their skin and that is also highly effective.

We say thank you for learing a little more about Dr Botanicals. Please share how your first experinece with Dr Botanicals is.

Richard is always available for any questions you may have.
Email him richard@drbotanicals.com

Dr Botanicals - Where we come from

Our Founders Family

After studying for his degree in Edinburgh, Francis George Frederick Walker; the chemist, saw that there was a problem local women were having and set about trying to find a way to help.

With the hills and mountains in the North of England exceptionally cold, with fierce winds. and F.G.F Walker, alongside his team; curated a formulation, which extended life and evoked deeper hydration. He went on to open a number of chemists in the North of England. It was in these shops, where generations of women came and bought his formulations and had a product they could rely on.

His most famous treatments were, ‘Elder Flower Cream’ and ‘Ridleys Winter Skin Emollient’. This was the story of his life, working in local community health, whilst taking inspiration from his wife, Richard’s Mother; Jennifer, who was the most caring person he ever met.

At Dr Botanicals, the Walker family ethos is what has been sustained and has created a team of people who strive for excellence. We expect this moral belief and brilliance with our partners too. All of our products are rigorously tested and we always offer a 30 day, no quibble returns policy.

“Our mission at Dr Botanicals is to make you look and feel amazing.”

- Richard Walker November 2012

Dr Botanicals - Collections within the brand

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Our Flagship & Department Store Collection

100% Natural Collection

Our Affordable Luxury Collection

The Flagship Collection

Our most popular collections, are the Moroccan Rose, Tea Tree, Neroli, Japanese Orange and Madagascan Coconut.

Dr Botanicals - The Inspiration Behind our Formulations

Yin & Yang

“Inspired by the East and Developed in London…”

- Richard Walker April 2013

The visual styling of Dr Botanicals is such that we designed it to balance the opposing forces found in both western and eastern cultures. The Yin and the Yang - the balance of all our lives.

Our brand is inspired by a time when our world was in balance. Dr Botanicals is a business with global aim. Make our customers happier in the skin they are in, whilst using Nature to achieve this, is central to the products we produce every day.

Purity, a new melody of balance for the world in which we are: - a forgiveness to pollution, to the damage to the earth; the sins of the past.

In all our actions we are actively trying to be true neutral caretakers of the planet we are on. The Yin & Yang, the dualism between the opposing forces of a plant trying to breathe and a people struggling to survive. At Dr Botanicals we are always trying to do our bit for the environment; from sustainable packaging, to the correct sourcing and to giving back.

We Are All One Family.

Dr Botanicals - Which Products to Choose?

The Flagship Collection

Our most popular collections are the Moroccan Rose, Tea Tree, Neroli, Japanese Orange and Madagascan Coconut.

Our all time Most Popular Product is The Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil.

Over 500,000 sold!

If you are looking for what to try out in the first instance out of the range; This is the ultimate product to choose.