Dr Botanicals Apothecary Samples Kit (10 Tubes)

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Dr Botanicals Watermelon Superfood 2-In-1 Cleanser & Makeup Remover 30ml x 2
Clean, cleanse and purify your skin with Dr Botanicals Watermelon 2-in-1 Cleanser & Makeup remover. Remove makeup and build-up after a long day with our natural and purifying makeup remover. Designed to dissolve even the most stubborn, waterproof makeup.

Dr Botanicals Artichoke Superfood Firming Night Moisturiser 30ml x 2
Artichokes ranks among the most antioxidant-rich of all vegetables and is now said to be the key to flawless, youthful skin. Artichoke is high in vitamins C, A and K. Cucumber is the other key ingredient alongside Artichoke. Cucumbers have been used for centuries as a highly effective skin conditioner and for combatting dark circles. Cucumber alone is called a highly effective skin tonic.

Dr Botanicals Turmeric Superfood Restoring Treatment Mask 30ml x 2
Our Turmeric Superfood Restoring Treatment Mask provides antioxidant protection and hydration to boost skin radiance whilst balancing out skin tone. Enriched with Turmeric Root Powder, it aims to help with dryness and blemishes thanks to its skin-calming powers. Promoting the brightening of your skin by aiding in skin regeneration, it works quickly to smooth your skin’s complexion.

Infused Natural Moisturiser 30ml x 2
By applying this moisturiser daily, you will work to restore your skin's natural barrier function and fight free radical damage, which can lead to premature aging. Use our Infused day moisturiser to rejuvenate your complexion for a glowing, youthful appearance.

Dr Botanicals Blueberry Superfood Antioxidant Body Moisturiser 30ml x 2
There’ll be no excuse not to moisturise your body with our luxurious and natural Blueberry Superfood Antioxidant Moisturiser. If you have any dry or dehydrated skin that needs extra love and care, blueberry is the fruit with the goods to help. Packed with tonnes of antioxidants, this fruit helps to reduce pigmentation, brighten and moisturise the skin, and protect against free radicals and environmental aggressors. Combined with wonder oil from Juniper berries, that help to soothe and Glycerin’s super hydrating properties, this moisturiser is the fool proof method to achieve a healthy, fresh glow all over.


Do you love the healthy lifestyle, or are you just looking for a routine that's easy on your skin? Either way, you can get it with Dr Botanicals!


100% Risk Free!

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