Our gentle, ultra-nourishing Pomegranate Noir Indulgence Cream provides deep hydration to even the most delicate of skin. Featuring a unique blend of key ingredients Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil and Tiare Flower Extract to create our non-greasy, lightweight rescue cream will give your skin a boost of hydration from naturally sourced ingredients.

The botanical extract of Tiare Flower (also called Gardenia tahitensis) is used to improve past environmental damage to the skin by encouraging the growth of healthy skin. This exotic extract will also help to prevent future damage by not only replenishing the skin’s surface for a smoother look, but also penetrating deep into the skin to provide long-lasting benefits.

Rich in antioxidants and nutrients, the raw Coconut Oil used in our indulgence cream works to repair and restore the skins natural barrier. It’s a great emollient if this barrier is disturbed by being dehydrated, irritated or sensitive, since it’s made up of a high concentration of natural saturated fats which are amazing at repairing at repairing the barrier. The coconut extract also supplied the skin with natural antibacterial qualities.

This duo moisturiser can be used as a night cream when the skin is most receptive to skincare products, the fatty acids in the formulation works to rebuild the skin’s surface overnight. Additionally, it can be used during your morning routine, too. Gently massaged into freshly cleansed skin, the cream will sink into the skin, leaving it looking slightly dewy.

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