Amazonian Berry Reviving Night Moisturizer


SKU: OB009

The Organic & Botanic Amazonian Berry Reviving Night Moisturizer is designed to iron out fine lines and wrinkles overnight leaving skin positively glowing by morning. Our blend of natural extracts provides nutrients for the skin to maintain good skin health for a more radiant complexion.

All of our products are:

  • Made exclusively with healthy and safe ingredients
  • Cruelty free. (No animal testing)
  • Paraben free
  • SLS/SLES free
  • Vegan

The main active ingredients in this formulation are:

  • Carrot cells are rich in mineral salts and Vitamin A to repair and rejuvenate the skin throughout the night.
  • Olive Oil is full of essential fatty acids that work on the skin to restore and maintain a strong barrier from damage and distress.
  • Avocado Peptides encourage firmness and plumping, to restore moisture in the skin.

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