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Beauty Box


Only $29.99 per month

No Commitment, Cancel Anytime 


Beauty boxes enable you to sample numerous skincare products each month. It will save you money and avoid dealing with buyer’s remorse when testing out new products. 

For only a small cost each month, You get these lovely products delivered monthly so no more waiting in long lines. . Of course, aside from the convenience, you also want satisfaction upon receiving beauty boxes.

Save Money
You might not immediately notice it, but the cost of skin care and make up items can add up. If you keep trying new products as you see them advertised online or on Tele-Vision, it can hurt your wallet. A |Beauty Subscription Box from drbotanicals comes in handy because you can try smaller sized versions of Vegan skincare items at a fixed & affordable price.
While an average female spends around $60 per shopping trip on beauty and skincare essentials, a subscription box costs less and even includes different must-have items. You can save more money with drbotanicals beauty subscription boxes.

What is included in your Beauty Box:       

1 Grapefruit & Watermelon Refreshing Cleanser
Day Moisturizer 60 ml - Refresh your skin with juicy superfoods
     1 Coffee Superfood Renewing Facial Exfoliator 50ml - Coffee Oil is                  concentrated from the green coffee bean plant and it is high in antioxidants and fatty acids.

1 Cocoa & Coconut Superfood Reviving Hydrating Mask 50ml - Cocoa Butter is a great skin smoother and moisturizer. 


From your first order you will be signing up for our Monthly Beauty Boxes. You will receive a Beauty Box every month, and you will be Charged $29.99 a Month

This reoccurring order can paused or cancelled at anytime.