Bergamot & Poppy Seed Smoothing Body Exfoliating Bar


SKU: DB088

Hydrate, Cleanse and Gently Exfoliate. Black Poppy Seeds will gently exfoliate your skin while Shea butter moisturizes and fresh citrus aroma will work on uplifting your mood.

✔ Refreshing cleansing and exfoliating bar for facial, body and hands
✔ Cleanses, hydrates and gently exfoliates the skin for smooth and youthful looking complexion
✔ Uplifting citrus aroma
✔ Exfoliation gently removes the dead skin cells from the skin’s surface
✔ Anti-Oxidant activity protects from free radical damage
✔ Moisture holding properties smooth and hydrate the skin

The main active ingredients in the formulation are:

  • Poppy Seeds are great natural exfoliators that gently smooth the skin’s complexion
  • Macadamia Oil is high in antioxidants and fatty acids that work to hydrate, restore and protect the skin
  • Shea butter contains high amount of fatty acids and is a great skin smoother and moisturizer

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