Upcycling - Our Top Suggestions!

Upcycling is the art of creatively transforming a product - particularly something that would otherwise go to waste - into something new, giving it a fresh purpose and extending it’s life. 

Throughout our ranges, you will find that we use glass bottles and jars where possible; these are elegant and charming whilst also being re-usable. 

Once you have thoroughly washed them out, you can upcycle our glass containers in a number of ways - here are our top tips!

  • Fill with flowers, plants or pebbles for inside or outside decorations
  • Use as storage for other products (such as cotton buds in our facial serum bottles!)
  • Keep delicate jewellery inside (especially when travelling)
  • Create a home-made gift by adding something like love notes or daily affirmations. You can also make your own candle for yourself & others
  • Store your fresh herbs or spices inside
  • Use as a money pot by collecting loose change

Tag us and use hashtag #DBupcycling to show us your creations.. We can’t wait to see!

N.B. - Alternatively, all glass packaging can go into your normal recycling and our cardboard outer-boxes can too.