We all know we need to pack our diet full of fruit and veg to keep a healthy lifestyle - but have you ever thought about the benefits of orange for the skin?

Formulated with nourishing Neroli Oil, produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree, our Mandarin Orange Collection was created with the highest hydration in mind, to truly make your skin glow! This natural skincare range is made up of Mandarin Orange Enhancing Night Moisturiser, Mandarin Orange Enhancing Day Moisturiser, Mandarin Orange Correcting Facial Serum and Mandarin Orange Shea Butter Body Cream. The benefits of Neroli Essential Oil don’t stop there - it’s also great for stimulating skin cells to regenerate, giving it great anti-scarring properties, and can be used to reduce fine lines and balance skin complexion.


After a tough day battling skin pollution, your skin naturally rejuvenates overnight and this is when your skin is most receptive to skincare products. We have specifically formulated our Mandarin Orange Night Moisturiser to enhance this process by boosting the moisture in the skin and giving it the nutrients it needs for a plumper complexion. Enriched with Sea Buckthorn Oil containing high concentrations of rare palmitoleic acid (Omega 7) to nourish and protect the skin, it’s also rich in Vitamin E which offers amazing antioxidant benefits. The Neroli Oil in this night moisturiser makes it useful to reduce redness from blemishes, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, and will help to firm and tighten your skin - all whilst you sleep!

Benefits of orange for the skin


If you’re looking for a product that leaves the complexion more vibrant and revitalised, pair the Mandarin Orange Night Moisturiser with our Mandarin Orange Enhancing Day Moisturiser. This moisturiser leaves you with a light dewy finish (perfect for makeup application!) all whilst preserving the skin from future damage by protecting it from pollution and environmental damage. Dullness, hyper-pigmentation, and dehydration can be caused by pollutants such as soot and smoke in the atmosphere breaking down our skin’s protective antioxidant levels. Cell-renewing Alpine Rose helps to restore the skin’s resilience to provide clarity, simultaneously guarding cells against environmental damage caused throughout your day to protect your skin from air pollution.

Benefits of orange for the skin


Our Mandarin Orange Correcting Facial Serum is a nourishing serum that replenishes and protects the skin, strengthens the natural moisture barrier and helps minimise the appearance of fine lines. Incredibly illumination, this glow-giving serum unites soothing and skin regenerating Neroli Oil with antioxidant-packed Rose Otto Oil. The benefits of orange for the skin are pretty impressive, here derived from Neroli Oil. As one of the few citrus oils that is not phototoxic – which is an irritation on the skin when exposed to light, similar to a sunburn – the inclusion of Neroli Oil in this serum means it can be used on even sensitive skin. Pat on freshly cleansed skin before your moisturiser to let the ingredients penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin, ensuring that their full brightening effects work their magic!

Benefits of orange for the skin


Lastly, in our Mandarin Orange Collection, we have our Mandarin Orange Shea Butter Body Cream. Containing an indulgent blend of hydrating natural extracts working in synergy to renew and restore your skin, it is the perfect addition to your after-shower routine. Pamper yourself with vitamin-rich Shea Butter working alongside Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil with its calming effects helping irritates or sensitive skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of Sea Buckthorn Oil mean it has been used to treat the anti-inflammatory effects of skin conditions such as eczema. Adding to the gentleness of this body cream is Neroli Oil, which is best known for being predominantly soothing. It’s also rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, making it useful to protect the skin from inflammation and boost skin’s hydration and uniformity of tone.

 Benefits of orange for the skin


Using transformative ingredients with soothing botanicals and supportive antioxidants, our Mandarin Orange Collection uses powerful Neroli Oil to harness the benefits of orange for the skin. Made from raw organic ingredients, with 0% toxins, this range will also help with blemish scarring and skin irritation due to skin-cell-regenerating ingredient Neroli Oil, as well as protecting the skin’s natural oil barrier thanks to Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil and alongside truly hydrating and rejuvenating from Rose Otto Oil.