My review of Dr. Botanicals!

We recently asked beauty blogger Yasmin to review some of our best sellers!  So, what did she think of them?

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Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask

As someone who suffers with seasonal, dry sensitive skin this have been a life saviour for me in all months when i’m in need of a deep hydration. I tend to use this consistently around 3 times a week on a night and the difference I see when I wake up is phenomenal! It feels so hydrating and to be honest on really dry days I have used it as my normal day moisturiser and it has helped me so much, no flakes throughout the day! The smell of this mask is not overwhelming but actually rather fresh and clean so you don’t feel like you’ve just rubbed a load of perfumed gunk on your face, it sinks in so well and it is now part of my ‘forever’ routine.

Coffee Superfood Renewing Facial Exfoliator

I’ll start off by saying this scrub smells absolutely delicious, if you are a coffee lover or just generally enjoy the smell of coffee I encourage you to use this scrub in the morning! I’m not sure if it’s all in my head but honestly, it makes me feel more awake almost like I have had a cup of coffee. My skin does not react well with most scrubs as they are too harsh on my sensitive skin but this has completely changed the game! It leaves my skin feeling soft, hydrated and the most important thing… not red and sore! I love using this on a morning to wake myself up when my pores are feeling particularly clogged or if I just simply want to scrub away all of my bad decisions in life! It’s a definite must to my morning routine now!

You can use code YASMIN20
to save 20% across the whole site!